Nephin Whiskey

The way Irish Whiskey used to be.


Become the owner of a 200L cask of Nephin Whiskey and benefit from the rising global demand for Irish Whiskey.

A piece of history

Your cask is made by our Master Cooper using your choice of wood, filled with Nephin Spirit and left to mature into Whiskey. You choose to bottle your Whiskey or sell your cask for profit.

Nephin will brand your cask with your name, family coat of arms or any other mark you provide so you will always know which cask is yours when you visit the distillery.

Frequently Asked Questions about Cask Investments

How do I sell my cask?

Unlike most distilleries, Nephin do not place restrictions on your cask - you may sell your cask to any buyer you wish.  This may be someone you know or alternatively you can instruct Nephin to put it on the market and tell you the offer price which you can choose to accept or reject.

How do I bottle my Whiskey?

Simply notify Nephin and we’ll design the bottle & label with you, agree the strength and bottle your cask for you.

Can I bottle under my own label?

Yes. This is a great option for bar owners, corporate gifts or anyone who just wants their own signature single malt.  Bottles will all carry Nephin Whiskey as the source distillery and include your personal cask number for provenance.

How many bottles are in a cask?

It depends on the age of the Whiskey, the size of the bottle selected and the strength (% alcohol) you choose to bottle at but usually between 300 – 450 bottles.

Can I continue to mature my Whiskey after 3 years?

After 3 years your cask is legally Irish Whiskey.  If you choose not to sell or bottle you can continue to mature the cask at Nephin distillery for a fee of €100 per year to coverage storage and insurance.

What if my cask gets damaged?

It’s unlikely that casks would be damaged during storage, but it happens from time to time. Your cask is insured for it’s current value each year so you’ll never lose out.  Your cask is also insured against fire and theft.

What if Nephin goes bust?

Another unlikely event, but you will hold the ‘deed of title’ to your specific cask.  This is a legal document so the ownership of the cask is clear and could not be confused with the assets of the company.

What tax do I pay?

Excise duty is payable whenever you take your cask or bottles out of bond. A standard 70cl bottle at 40% vol. costs €11.92.  You will not pay duty if you sell your cask to a buyer with a bonded warehouse (such as a distillery).

All other taxes, such as tax on profits you make will depend on your personal tax circumstances and country of residence so seek independent advice.

What will my return be?

Irish Whiskey exports have been growing rapidly over the past 10 years which indicates strong demand for the product.

However, one of the most important factors in trying to establish the future value of a cask, is the reputation of the distillery. Is the distillery a large producer of bulk spirits or a premium brand which will have a dedicated following of fans who love the Whiskey?

A straightforward comparison of the purchase price of 2 casks is meaningless when determining the return. Think of a bottle of Whiskey that you can buy for $20 in a supermarket and a special collectible Whiskey costing $200 - when you try to sell these in future years which would achieve a larger return?

Someone claiming that the $20 option is “better value” is either unfamiliar with Whiskey or intentionally trying to confuse price with value.

One cask of Whiskey is not the same as another cask anymore than one bottle of Whiskey is the same as another just because they are the same size. So in determining potential return, a lot of thought is required other than a quick purchase price comparison.

Irish Whiskey Exports

Source: Alcohol Beverage Federation of Ireland.
Own a Cask of Nephin Whiskey

Become the owner of a 200L cask of Nephin Whiskey. As a Nephin cask owner you will have full control over your Whiskey from start to finish, from choosing the wood for your cask to instructing when to bottle Whiskey or sell your cask.

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Can I make my Whiskey unique?

When you decide to purchase a cask, Nephin will guide you through some decisions you take which will create the unique profile of your Whiskey.

As every step is crafted by Nephin, you can watch your specific cask being built and filled.

How much are Nephin casks?

€6,500 inc 3 years insurance & storage and bottling.

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