Nephin Whiskey

The way Irish Whiskey used to be.

Historic Milestone as First Nephin Barley Harvested

A historic moment at Nephin Whiskey as the very first crop of Nephin barley is harvested.

Nephin barley harvest

Nephin barley was planted in March by local Farmers and carefully watched all summer as it grew.  As you'll have read in the history of whiskey, there is a five and a half thousand year tradition of growing barley in Mayo, however it has not been common on this scale in recent times.

 Nephin barley harvested and ready to be sent for malting

Nephin barley harvested and ready to be sent for malting

The yield (measured by number of tonnes produced per acre of land planted) was above expectations and this is a testament to the skill and attention of the Farmers.

The next step for the barley is to be malted and stored, while the straw will be used for natural packaging in some Nephin Whiskey products but also for animal feed and bedding.

This barley will be used in making the first batch of Nephin Whiskey.  You can still reserve one of the very special bottles of Nephin Whiskey that will be made from this or even reserve a full cask of it.

The pilot program of local Farmers growing barley for Nephin has been successful and will be expanded next year.

This barley, distilled with Nephin mountain water and matured in unique casks from the Nephin Cooperage will produce a very special Whiskey.  Exciting times ahead in Lahardaun, Co. Mayo.



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