Nephin Whiskey

The way Irish Whiskey used to be.


Any information you choose to give us will be kept in the strictest confidence.

Our Information

If you have any questions or queries on our privacy statement or our use of data, please get in touch.  Our postal address is Nephin Whiskey Company, Lahardane, Co. Mayo, Ireland. 

Nephin Whiskey Company Ltd. is registered in Ireland (Company No. 534566) and the directors are Dr. Paul Davis, Jude Davis and Mark Quick.  Nephin is a registered trademark of Nephin Whiskey Company Ltd.  Nephin Whiskey Company Ltd. are registered for VAT in Ireland.

Data we collect

If a guest chooses to fill out any of the forms on this website, their data will be sent electronically to Nephin Whiskey Company.  We store this information in order to contact you with a response to your comment or query.  We assume that people who contact us are interested in the company and so we may send information about the company or our products to people by email.  These emails will always contain a link to remove yourself from all of our contact lists in future. 

While visitors browse this website,  we use Google Analytics to gather data on the pages visited, the time spent and other information through the use of cookies.  None of this information is personally identifiable - so although we know that 'x' number of people visited a page, we have no idea who those people are.

Nephin Whiskey Company do not collect any payment information.  Payments for items bought in our store are handled by Stripe via the Squarespace checkout.  Both of these companies are recognized global leaders in their area and Nephin are confident that our customers and their payment information are completely safe.  You can read more about Stripe security.

Sharing Data

We will never share data with any third party, unless compelled by law.  You may request a copy of any information we have about you by sending us a request in writing.  This is a requirement under Section 4 of the Data Protection Acts 1998 & 2003, which allows a charge of €6.35 but Nephin Whiskey Company are always happy to this for you for free.


Nephin Whiskey Company ensure that all cloud based systems used by the company have SSL encryption.  Staff at Nephin Whiskey Company are prohibited from transferring any customer data from a work computer to their personal devices.  This is specifically noted in all contracts of employment.  All Nephin Whiskey Company IT devices are secured with strong passwords and use BitLocker encryption on any removable media.   Nephin Whiskey Company takes our security responsibilities seriously, employing the most appropriate physical and technical measures, including staff training and awareness and we review these measures regularly.

(c) Nephin Whiskey Company Ltd.  Nephin is a registered trademark of Nephin Whiskey Company.