Nephin Whiskey

The way Irish Whiskey used to be.

First Bottles of Nephin Whiskey


First Bottles of Nephin Whiskey


Reserve one of the first bottles of Nephin Whiskey.  These bottles are numbered so will be collector items in years to come. 

You immediately receive a beautiful wax sealed, signed certificate to claim one of the first, collectors edition, numbered bottles of triple distilled, peated, single malt Nephin Irish Whiskey. 

These make ideal gifts as we will insert the name of the recipient in calligraphy on the front of the presentation cert.

As a member of our Clann, the owner of the certificate will always be welcome to come tour the Nephin Distillery for free and bring a friend.

You will then receive your numbered bottle as soon as it is distilled, matured and bottled. Please note that the delivery charge includes shipping for both items - your certificate of ownership and your bottle, there are no additional charges.

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