Nephin Whiskey

The way Irish Whiskey used to be.


A very special evening of Whiskey tasting & learning in the beautiful medieval surroundings of Belleek Castle.

An un-filtered, behind the scenes look at the history and modern making of Whiskey while enjoying a spectacular food & spirit taste experience.

Over 3 hours in the galley room of Belleek Castle you will journey through the history of Irish Whiskey, enjoy a technical Masterclass in the making of Whiskey and explore the taste differences of many styles of Whiskey in the company of the folks at Nephin Whiskey Distillery.

The perfect evening for anyone who has ever wondered... 

What is the real history of the word Whiskey? 

What is the difference between pot still Whiskey and malt Whiskey made in a pot still?

How can you taste a hay-like floral from a husky cereal?

Which technical processes are responsible for taste variations in Whiskey and why?

Enquiries & Booking

All year around by prior appointment.  Groups of 6 – 250 catered for, smaller groups by availability.

For reservations email

Belleek Castle, Ballina, Co. Mayo GPS: 54.133553, -9.145517

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