Nephin Whiskey

The way Irish Whiskey used to be.


A small village nestled at the foot of Nephin Mountain in the wilds of the West of Ireland.

Nephin Whiskey Company is located between the shores of Lough Conn and the foot of Nephin Mountain in the small village of Lahardaun in the parish of Addergoole, Co. Mayo.

Lough Conn, being the largest lake in Mayo, and Nephin Mountain, standing at 2,646 ft, are the two dominant features of the central Mayo landscape.

Addergoole means ‘between the forks’ referring to the position between the ends of Lough Conn.

Leathardán is the original Irish name of the village and means ‘half the height’ as the village is located halfway between Lough Conn and Nephin.  It is translated into English as Lahardaun or Lahardane.  Both English language spellings appear on road signs, maps and in texts from three different centuries.  Nephin often use the Lahardaun variation as it is phonetically closer to the Irish sound of the word, but use Lahardane interchangeably. 

While standing in Lahardaun  itself, freshwater can be observed flowing freely down the side of Nephin mountain. This water feeds a fresh spring at the center of the village which is still in use today by many of locals.

Nephin, pronounced locally as [Nay – Fin] mirroring the Irish sound Néifinn, means Finn’s heaven named for the home of Ailill Finn, High King of Ireland who live at Dún Átha Fene in the parish of Addergoole.

The area has been a centre of spirit production for centuries and was renowned for its ultra-high quality produce even after the distilleries were made 'illegal’ by the Licensing Act of 1556.

The sinking of the Titanic is an important historical event for the area. The parish of Addergoole lost more people in the sinking than any other in Ireland. Fourteen people were aboard the ship and on the 15th of April each year at 2.22am the community gathers and the church bells are rung forlornly for the 11 that perished and joyously for the 3 that survived.  There is a beautiful memorial garden and interesting exhibit in the village.

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