Nephin Whiskey

The way Irish Whiskey used to be.


A small village store with Nephin clothing, original artwork and local handcrafted products.

When we communicated the vision for Nephin Whiskey we received an incredible response from all over the world.  Whiskey lovers got in touch to lend their support to the idea of an an ultra-premium, peated, triple distilled single malt Irish whiskey made using local ingredients and traditional crafts.  Even people who have never touched a drop of Whiskey in their lives contacted us to let us know that they admired a small locally owned business competing in a space dominated by giant multinational corporations.

Before we have a single drop of whiskey distilled, our supporters had reserved hundreds of the first bottles or bought branded clothing online.   A store had always been part of the distillery plans, but given the reaction online we decided not to wait and in Spring 2015, we opened the first new business in Lahardane village since the global financial crisis of 2008.  

The Nephin Whiskey Emporium was decorated using up-cycled materials which we sourced locally and offers visitors the chance to see our small Poitin stills or try on the Nephin clothing range. 

Our country jackets, body warmers, hoodies and traditional flat caps all feature high quality embroidered stitching.  Our vintage tshirts feature "distressed" Nephin Whiskey logos as their style and come in a variety of types, colors and sizes for men and women.

The owners are often in store, so you can chat to them about the distillery which is being built right across the village street.  Visitors can see the technical and architectural plans in detail or shop for original oil paintings of Nephin, stunning landscape photography or handcrafted, natural, local products such as Derryhick Sticks.  

Derryhick sticks are aids for walkers - perfect for those climbing Nephin mountain - but we showcase and sell them because they share the same philosophy as Nephin.  In a world where most walking sticks are manufactured in Asian factories from high-tech polymers, polyurethane foam, carbon fiber and other environmentally unfriendly materials, there is a beauty in Derryhick Sticks - each one completely unique.  The craftsman behind the small enterprise walks the countryside and picks up promising looking branches from all different varities of trees, then strips the bark from each by hand, sculpts the shape following the natural lines of the wood while crafting a comfortable handle grip and uses only oil to finish. 

Nephin Whiskey Derryhick Sticks.jpg

For Nephin this authentic traditional craft method of producing unique natural products represents perfection in itself.  As they say at Derryhick "If you like your walking sticks to be without flaw or imperfection and to have shanks as straight as a snooker cues, then our sticks are not for you."

(c) Nephin Whiskey Company Ltd.  Nephin is a registered trademark of Nephin Whiskey Company.